Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Busy Supermarket

 One of the presents we got for Christmas was the Supermarket. Got to say I am very impressed with this one, the attention to detail on all the accessories is amazing. I love the drink cans they even have little ring pulls, so cute. We of course couldn't wait to do a little scene...

It's a busy day in the Sylvanian Supermarket. Bert and Joyce are busy stocking up ready for the new years eve rush.
 A close up..
Imogen and Mel are shopping for some bread, vegetables and fruit.

Kitty xx

Christmas Scenes

Sorry I haven't been able to post on here much, I can't seem to get the blogger app to work fully on my phone so I will do a whole load of posts now whilst I am using the laptop at work :) Here is a couple of my final winter scenes, I didn't get to do a Christmas day post that's something for next year.

The big day is almost here, Mae Grunt & Savannah Trunk have gone to surprise Kate Periwinkle with Christmas gifts. 'Oh what a lovely surprise, do come in before you get chilly, I'll get the kettle on'. 

The chocolate rabbit family are having a Christmas eve party with lots of lovely food and drink. 'We can't wait for Christmas Day, it's the most wonderful day of the year'.  
More coming this way soon :)
Kitty xx

Monday, 28 December 2015

Sylvanian Christmas

We had such a fabulous Christmas and we're overwhelmed at how many Sylvanians we were bought for Christmas. I think we have doubled our collection overnight!
We are off to ikea on the weekend so we can rearrange our lounge to fit all these in! I've now wallpapered cosy cottage and beechwood hall just got to put together the toy shop, cedar terrace and the seaside restaurant. My daughter had quite a bit of money saved up so we nipped out and now we have the sheep family, hamsters and golden labrador's.

Lots of new scenes to share with you soon as I can get on the laptop, this mobile version is a bit pants!

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Winter Fun

Sorry I haven't been able to post anything for a while. It's been crazy busy at work and what with preparing for Christmas I've not had any time to play :( I will be back to creating scenes as soon as Christmas arrives though...we will definitely have some new things to play with :) 
I forgot to add the large scene of the Persis Cat Family in the winter snow so here it is..
'Today we took a trip to the lakeside in the snow. Mum went skiing, Dad was on the Skidoo and Nolly went sledging. I'm still practicing my ice skating but I do keep falling over!'

Kitty xx

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Tree Decorating

 I thought it was about time I did some indoor Christmas scenes. I managed to get a few little decorations for my Sylvanians so here is my first. The Periwinkles are getting their lounge ready for Christmas. Oliver is busy writing out his Christmas cards for all his friends at school.
Kate and Rebecca Periwinkle are decorating the Christmas tree ready for the festive season. 'Just one more bauble to go mummy'.
 'We love the holiday season and cosy nights in front of the warm fire. Only nine more sleeps until Santa is coming'

Kitty xx

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Sadie on Skates

It's the second to last Saturday til Christmas woopee I can't wait! I hope Santa is going to bring us some more Sylvanian friends. Today I have a little ice skating scene to share with you. I just love the sort of worried face she has, I can sympathise though I would be terrified on ice skates!
 Sadie Persis is trying out her new skates for the first time.
 'I'm so nervous I hope I don't fall over, the ice is so cold'. 

Kitty xx

Friday, 11 December 2015

Daphne's Bike Ride

 I have another lovely scene to share with you. It might seem a bit summery but it is always sunny in Primrose Valley so that's ok! I will be posting some winter scenes very soon so watch this space.

Daphne Keats & Freya Chocolate decided to take the twins out for a ride in the park.
'It's such a lovely day for a bike ride, wave to Richard E Grunt children he's busy gardening.'

a close up of the babies....(such cute faces!)
Kitty xx

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Ironing Time

At the weekend I visited my favourite shop in the world - of course it's the Sylvanian Shop in London aka SSK. I got a few bits and pieces and some bits for my girls for Christmas. Ovbiously I pointed out to my other half all the ones that I 'need' too! One of the sets I bought was the twin washing machine set, so here is a little scene I did last night...
and a close up...
Teri Chocolate has had a busy day catching up on the housework whilst the little ones are at school. 
'I best get on with all this ironing before the school run'.
Kitty xx

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Woodland Trip

I always get quite excited when I find new things that can be used in my Sylvanian scenes. I went to our The Range the other day and was looking in the pet section when I came across some drift wood in different shapes. I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it, I thought I could use it in a woodland scene! They also do some ruins and rocks too so might get those soon too. Here is my first woodland scene with driftwood :)

The boys decided to take a trip to the woods today. 'We have found an awesome old tree to climb, first one that climbs to the top is the winner!'
Kitty xx

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Poorly Natalie Marlowe

I've been trying to ppost this for days now but naughty blogger wouldn't let me upload pictures so here is hoping this is going to work now! One of my favourites at the moment is the Ambulance. I wanted this one for a while so I was so happy when I managed to get it! I have been itching to create a little scene with it for a while but work and other things have always got in the way.
Natalie Marlowe hasn't been feeling too well so Thomas Nightingale is taking her to hospital in the ambulance just to be on the safe side
We hope you are feeling better soon Natalie.