Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Busy Supermarket

 One of the presents we got for Christmas was the Supermarket. Got to say I am very impressed with this one, the attention to detail on all the accessories is amazing. I love the drink cans they even have little ring pulls, so cute. We of course couldn't wait to do a little scene...

It's a busy day in the Sylvanian Supermarket. Bert and Joyce are busy stocking up ready for the new years eve rush.
 A close up..
Imogen and Mel are shopping for some bread, vegetables and fruit.

Kitty xx

Christmas Scenes

Sorry I haven't been able to post on here much, I can't seem to get the blogger app to work fully on my phone so I will do a whole load of posts now whilst I am using the laptop at work :) Here is a couple of my final winter scenes, I didn't get to do a Christmas day post that's something for next year.

The big day is almost here, Mae Grunt & Savannah Trunk have gone to surprise Kate Periwinkle with Christmas gifts. 'Oh what a lovely surprise, do come in before you get chilly, I'll get the kettle on'. 

The chocolate rabbit family are having a Christmas eve party with lots of lovely food and drink. 'We can't wait for Christmas Day, it's the most wonderful day of the year'.  
More coming this way soon :)
Kitty xx

Monday, 28 December 2015

Sylvanian Christmas

We had such a fabulous Christmas and we're overwhelmed at how many Sylvanians we were bought for Christmas. I think we have doubled our collection overnight!
We are off to ikea on the weekend so we can rearrange our lounge to fit all these in! I've now wallpapered cosy cottage and beechwood hall just got to put together the toy shop, cedar terrace and the seaside restaurant. My daughter had quite a bit of money saved up so we nipped out and now we have the sheep family, hamsters and golden labrador's.

Lots of new scenes to share with you soon as I can get on the laptop, this mobile version is a bit pants!

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Winter Fun

Sorry I haven't been able to post anything for a while. It's been crazy busy at work and what with preparing for Christmas I've not had any time to play :( I will be back to creating scenes as soon as Christmas arrives though...we will definitely have some new things to play with :) 
I forgot to add the large scene of the Persis Cat Family in the winter snow so here it is..
'Today we took a trip to the lakeside in the snow. Mum went skiing, Dad was on the Skidoo and Nolly went sledging. I'm still practicing my ice skating but I do keep falling over!'

Kitty xx

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Tree Decorating

 I thought it was about time I did some indoor Christmas scenes. I managed to get a few little decorations for my Sylvanians so here is my first. The Periwinkles are getting their lounge ready for Christmas. Oliver is busy writing out his Christmas cards for all his friends at school.
Kate and Rebecca Periwinkle are decorating the Christmas tree ready for the festive season. 'Just one more bauble to go mummy'.
 'We love the holiday season and cosy nights in front of the warm fire. Only nine more sleeps until Santa is coming'

Kitty xx

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Sadie on Skates

It's the second to last Saturday til Christmas woopee I can't wait! I hope Santa is going to bring us some more Sylvanian friends. Today I have a little ice skating scene to share with you. I just love the sort of worried face she has, I can sympathise though I would be terrified on ice skates!
 Sadie Persis is trying out her new skates for the first time.
 'I'm so nervous I hope I don't fall over, the ice is so cold'. 

Kitty xx

Friday, 11 December 2015

Daphne's Bike Ride

 I have another lovely scene to share with you. It might seem a bit summery but it is always sunny in Primrose Valley so that's ok! I will be posting some winter scenes very soon so watch this space.

Daphne Keats & Freya Chocolate decided to take the twins out for a ride in the park.
'It's such a lovely day for a bike ride, wave to Richard E Grunt children he's busy gardening.'

a close up of the babies....(such cute faces!)
Kitty xx

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Ironing Time

At the weekend I visited my favourite shop in the world - of course it's the Sylvanian Shop in London aka SSK. I got a few bits and pieces and some bits for my girls for Christmas. Ovbiously I pointed out to my other half all the ones that I 'need' too! One of the sets I bought was the twin washing machine set, so here is a little scene I did last night...
and a close up...
Teri Chocolate has had a busy day catching up on the housework whilst the little ones are at school. 
'I best get on with all this ironing before the school run'.
Kitty xx

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Woodland Trip

I always get quite excited when I find new things that can be used in my Sylvanian scenes. I went to our The Range the other day and was looking in the pet section when I came across some drift wood in different shapes. I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it, I thought I could use it in a woodland scene! They also do some ruins and rocks too so might get those soon too. Here is my first woodland scene with driftwood :)

The boys decided to take a trip to the woods today. 'We have found an awesome old tree to climb, first one that climbs to the top is the winner!'
Kitty xx

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Poorly Natalie Marlowe

I've been trying to ppost this for days now but naughty blogger wouldn't let me upload pictures so here is hoping this is going to work now! One of my favourites at the moment is the Ambulance. I wanted this one for a while so I was so happy when I managed to get it! I have been itching to create a little scene with it for a while but work and other things have always got in the way.
Natalie Marlowe hasn't been feeling too well so Thomas Nightingale is taking her to hospital in the ambulance just to be on the safe side
We hope you are feeling better soon Natalie.

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Gift Wrap

Just had to share this wonderful find.... Sylvanian Wrapping Paper! This has to be without a doubt the best wrapping paper in the world ever. I wrapped many of my daughters presents up in this and now I am thinking I want my Christmas presents wrapped up in it... ooo I hope my better half gets me some Sylvanians! I have given him my list already so fingers crossed.
Just in case you are wondering where to get this pretty paper from we got it from the Sylvanian London Shop. It is amazing a whole shop just for Sylvanians. We are hoping to go back a week on Sunday hopefully if not I may have to call up and order loads of things.

Kitty xx

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Motorcycle Ride

George and Mildred Mulberry are out for drive in the country. 
Hold onto your hats you two it's windy out there today!
 Kitty xx

Monday, 23 November 2015

Sports Day

Hello :)
It's been a busy day in Primrose Valley. Today is the Sylvanians Sports Day which they have all been looking forward to for many months. 

Zoe Barker has had a busy morning in the souvenir shop.
 ...and they're off! Ron Barker is in the lead in the sack race with Maria Buckley close behind!
The boys are getting ready to compete in the Javelin contest, be careful boys!

My girls and I had a fabulous day on Sunday as it was 'Sylvanian Day' which means we get to play with Sylvanians all day long! As Jasmine had lots for her birthday this week we couldn't wait to get them out and create little scenes with them.

Kitty xx

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Courtyard Restaurant

 I just had to share one our latest purchases - The Courtyard Restaurant. It did cost quite a bit (why do I always get in bidding wars and have to win!?) but then we did get everything you see pictured, the house, furniture, all the figures and accessories, in the original box too.
 I think this has to be one of my favourite buildings so far, I love it's a restaurant out the front and a house at the back. Now we just have to decide which family is going to live in the house bit.

Kitty xx

Bedtime Maria

 We have finally had a chance to set up a scene with the Buckley Red Deer family, I adore these think the mum is my favourite - just lover her dress!
'Come on now Maria it's bedtime, you best get changed into your pajamas' said Mummy Buckley.

Kitty xx

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

By The Fireplace

Last week my other half bought us girls the Luxury Living Room Set. We so desperately need more furniture sets for all our houses and this one is a real beauty. I love that the fireplace lights up too.
"It's starting to get a little chilly in Primrose Valley so the Chocolate family have started to put the open fire on. This should get things warmed up for these chilly evening" 

Kitty xx

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Karen Hazelwood Washing Day

I just thought I would share one of my other new sets that we bought whilst in London. This is Karen Hazelwood being a good housewife and hanging out all the washing to dry. Something about this set just screamed cute to me - I absolutely adore it. I think I will have to invest in some more mice me thinks!

Kitty xx

Monday, 16 November 2015

Bathing Baby Trunk

At the end of October during half term week we were able to take the girls to London. We of course had to visit none other than the Sylvanian Families Shop in London. It was so worth the visit and will definitely be going back when we can. I love that they have some of the older sets and not just the current ones. We came out with several huge bags, I think it was 18 or 19 sets in total! One of the sets was the Trunk Family, I had been after this one for a little while so naturally couldn't wait to create our first little scene.
These elephants are just the cutest and I can see them fast becoming one of my favourite families of all time. I just love their cute little faces.

Kitty xx

Autumn in the Park

Just thought I would share some of the first scenes we created last month.
This is our very first 'Autumn' scene at the park with the Honey Bears. We created all the bits in the diorama ourselves aside from the fountain & bench of course. I will take a few pictures of our diorama building that we have done, really pleased with what we have done so far. Jasmine and I loved collecting the leaves, drying them and cutting them up into 'Sylvanian sized' pieces.
Kitty xx

Hello & welcome

Hello & welcome to my blog called Sylvanians at Primrose Valley. Here you will discover the adventures of all the Sylvanian Families in our little world called Primrose Valley. I will also share my DIY creations, personal collection, bargains & more! 

Kitty xx

Sunday, 15 November 2015


My Wishlist;
Breeze Hill (JP)
Country Flower Shop (JP)
Dream Large House (JP)

Cozy Living Room
Rustic Kitchen
Ornate Garden Set (JP)
Waitress Set

Lavender Rabbits
Koala Family
Babblebrook Family
Dappledawn Family
Santa & Rudolph (JP)
Hamilton Hamsters
Polaris Polar Bears

About Me

About Me;

My name is Kitty and I am a 28 year old business owner, designer, mother, fiancee and Sylvanian crazy nutter!! In September 2015 my Sylvanian Families obsession began to the extreme level! We had already got a few Sylvanians in our house but little did I know that this was going to be a huge obsession that would take over the entire house! I had Sylvanians when I was younger and LOVED them. I wish I had kept them all now as I had many of the originals including various houses, harvester restaurant, mole family & many more.

Collecting Sylvanian Families is great fun as it means me and my youngest daughter Jasmine can do something together that combines fun, collecting and of course shopping! Together we are both enjoying setting up little scenes for them all, creating dioramas and taking pictures of them all.

My blog is our collecting journey, stories, bargain finds and everything Sylvanian related really!

Would love to make some new friends who also love Sylvanians, so please do get in touch :)


My Collection

Here is a list of our Sylvanian Families Collection;

Red Deer Family
Reindeer Family
Chocolate Rabbit Family
Trunk Elephant Family
Grunt Pig Family
Honey Bear Family
Tuexdo Cat Family
Neptune Sea Otter Family
Persian Cat Family
Slydale Fox Family
Walnut Squirrel Family
Kangaroo Family
Hound Dog Family
Cottontail Rabbit Family
Toy Poodle Family
Grey Bear Family
Celebration Sea Breeze Family
Waters Beaver Family
Hedgehog Family
Red Panda Family
White Mouse Family
Striped Cat Family
EB Brown Mouse Family
JP Maple Cat Family

Koala Twin Set
Hamster Girl (Christine Hamilton)
Beaver Girl & Boy (Waters)

Beechwood Hall
Maple Manor with Carport
Cosy Cottage
Field View Mill
Oakwood Manor
Primrose Lodge
Seaside Cruiser
Applewood Cottage
Regency Hotel
Grand Hotel
Cedar Terrace
Log Cabin

Buildings & Shops;
Market (Japanese)
Cottage Hospital
Country Clinic
Tree School
Toy Shop
Toy Shop (new)
Sweet Shop
Courtyard Restaurant
Seaside Restaurant
Seaside Ice Cream Shop
Village Cake Shop
Starry Point Lighthouse
Ballet Studio
Wedding Marquet
Town - Creamy Gelato Shop JP
Town - Delicious Restaurant JP
Town - Grand Department Store
Betty's Toy Box

Light Blue Car
Red Car
Green Car
Double Decker Nursery Bus
Fish and Chip Van
Ice Cream Van
Hamburger Wagon
Campervan and Trailer
Canal Boat (green)
Sky Ride Adventure
Hot Dog Van
Bluebell Seven Seater
Convertible Car
Town - Tram JP

Furniture &  Room Sets;
Luxury Living Room
Nightlight Nursery Set
Country Kitchen Set
Children's Bedroom
Dressing Table
Dressing Table (white)
Girls Bedroom Set
Small Bathroom
Washing Machine
Twin Washing Machine Set
Semi Double Bed
Triple Bunk Bed
Bench & Fountain
Garden Swing
Cupboard with Oven
Welsh Dresser
Kitchen Cookware Set
Luxury Armchair
JP Loft Bed (Mid Sleeper)

Other Sets;
Washing Day
Popcorn Carts
Self Serve Ice Cream
Cycling Adventure
Double Pushchair
Adventure Treasure Ship
Splash and Play Whale
New Arrival
Country Dentist
Supermarket Owners
Winter Sports Set
Ice Skaters
Tandem Bike & Baby Trailer
Dentist Set (Mole)
Nursery Playground Swing
Nursery Party Set
School Sports Set
School Friends
School Lunch Set
Butler Set
Cake Stand
Cycling with Mother
Ice Cream Driver & Seller
Maypole Dancers
Evie's Sleepover
Halloween Set
Halloween Dressing Up Set
Connor & Kerri's Pram Roide
Baby Car & Tricycle
Bee Keeper
Fruit Wagon
Wedding Photographer
Swan Boat
Ice Cream Stall Set
Cherrie's Day At The Seaside
The New Arrival
BBQ Camping & Accessories
Roof Rack & Picnic Set
Country Nurse Set
Sewing with Mother
School Music Set
School Music Set (Flair)
Ornate Garden Table & Chairs
Bridesmaid Set
Grandfather At Home