Sunday, 15 November 2015

My Collection

Here is a list of our Sylvanian Families Collection;

Red Deer Family
Reindeer Family
Chocolate Rabbit Family
Trunk Elephant Family
Grunt Pig Family
Honey Bear Family
Tuexdo Cat Family
Neptune Sea Otter Family
Persian Cat Family
Slydale Fox Family
Walnut Squirrel Family
Kangaroo Family
Hound Dog Family
Cottontail Rabbit Family
Toy Poodle Family

Beechwood Hall
Maple Manor with Carport
Cosy Cottage
Field View Mill
Oakwood Manor
Primrose Lodge
Seaside Cruiser
Applewood Cottage
Regency Hotel
Grand Hotel
Cedar Terrace
Log Cabin

Buildings & Shops;
Market (Japanese)
Cottage Hospital
Country Clinic
Tree School
Toy Shop
Toy Shop (new)
Sweet Shop
Courtyard Restaurant
Seaside Restaurant
Seaside Ice Cream Shop
Village Cake Shop

Light Blue Car
Red Car
Green Car
Double Decker Nursery Bus
Fish and Chip Van
Ice Cream Van
Hamburger Wagon
Campervan and Trailer
Canal Boat (green)
Sky Ride Adventure
Hot Dog Van

Furniture &  Room Sets;
Luxury Living Room
Nightlight Nursery Set
Country Kitchen Set
Children's Bedroom
Dressing Table
Dressing Table (white)
Girls Bedroom Set
Small Bathroom
Washing Machine
Twin Washing Machine Set
Semi Double Bed
Triple Bunk Bed
Bench & Fountain
Garden Swing
Cupboard with Oven
Welsh Dresser
Kitchen Cookware Set
Luxury Armchair

Other Sets;
Washing Day
Popcorn Carts
Self Serve Ice Cream
Cycling Adventure
Double Pushchair
Adventure Treasure Ship
Splash and Play Whale
New Arrival
Country Dentist
Supermarket Owners
Winter Sports Set
Ice Skaters
Tandem Bike & Baby Trailer
Dentist Set (Mole)
Nursery Playground Swing
Nursery Party Set
School Sports Set
School Friends
School Lunch Set
Butler Set
Cake Stand
Cycling with Mother
Ice Cream Driver & Seller
Maypole Dancers
Evie's Sleepover
Halloween Set
Halloween Dressing Up Set
Connor & Kerri's Pram Roide
Baby Car & Tricycle
Bee Keeper
Fruit Wagon
Wedding Photographer
Swan Boat

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