Thursday, 21 September 2017

Making Diorama Rocks

I've been super busy building and waiting for our beach diorama to dry, so whilst waiting I thought I would have a go at making some rocks. This is my first time making these and I'm so pleased how they turned out - they can only get better too the more I make. I wish I had made some step by step photos now so maybe I will have to do that soon.
The the actual base/shape is made from Expandable Foam (the DIY spray can stuff!). It is very similar to styrofoam but so cheaper and easier to cut and mold. I sprayed the rough shape and allowed it to dry. Once dry I carved the rough shapes randomly making sure there are random crevices like you would get on natural rocks. I went over the edges with some sand paper so some edges were slightly smoother. I then covered the shapes with plaster wall filler - this makes them nice and sturdy and dries super quickly. Next was the painting bit which was a bit of trial and error. I started with the darkest colour and built up the layers to the lightest colour. I used a dark grey for the base and coloured it all over. I then added a touch of white and brushed over the edges leaving the crevices the darker shade. For the final layer I just added some pale grey for the highlights. This works best with a dry brush and to dab off the excess paint - it makes it so much easier. For the final touch I added some green turf powder and some grey grit around the base.
Now I just need to make bigger ones and a cliff next!
 Kitty xx

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