Thursday, 28 September 2017

The Brightfields Go To The Dentist

Hello, today I made some fun scenes using the Country Clinic - today is the dentist clinic.

Nancy Brightfield is taking daughter Mandy (along with baby Jenny) to see the dentist. She's very nervous as it's her first visit. 'Come on Mandy you will be fine, there's nothing to worry about it's just going to be a quick check up'.

Nancy goes to the check in desk to let them know they have arrived for their appointment.
'Hello there nurse, my daughter Mandy Brightfield is here for her check up appointment at 4pm'. 'Fabulous, please take a seat and the dentist will call you in shortly'.

Mandy gets onto the dentist chair and puts on a special bib. 'Hello there Mandy, my name is Alex Periwinkle if you can just open your mouth as wide as possible and I'll take a look at your teeth.  I can see you are doing a great job keeping them clean and I can see you have some big teeth coming through. That's all for today Mandy, keep on brushing them twice a day and I will see you in six months. Here is a sticker for being such a big brave girl'.
'I am so pleased the dentist said I have been doing a great job with cleaning my teeth. It wasn't that bad after all mum... I hope i get another sticker next time, I can't wait!'

Kitty xx

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